nCounter Core Facility


The  nCounter Core Facility has been established to provide the Heidelberg University research community with access to one of the current state-of-the-art expression profiling technologies. It is supported by the Excellence Cluster CellNetworks and the DFG.

The nCounter System

The nCounter system from Nanostring Technologies is a complete, fully automated system for the next generation of digital gene expression analysis.
It is an instrument designed for the multiplexed measurement of gene expression using fluorescently labeled reporter probes, so-called ‘codesets’. The codeset probes are ca. 100 bases in length. Therefore, the system is very resistant to lower RNA quality and is perfectly suited for critical samples, such as FFPE (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded) samples.
Applying a unique coding technology enables direct counting of individual RNA molecules across all levels of biological expression, with sensitivity and specificity comparable to Real Time PCR (RT PCR). The main advantage is that no enzymatic reactions are involved, in particular no reverse transcription is necessary. In addition, it is suitable for the analysis of as little as 600 ng of genomic DNA (karyotyping and copy number variation (CNV) analysis).

More information can be found on the nCounter Core Facility [website].

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